09 June 2010

slacker party of one

that would be me. I just havent had TIME to sit and post a well thought out blog. or at least a blog that makes sense. my life has been a crazy jumble ever since bubble left. I've been busy taking care of the boys and just trying to keep my head above the water...it works most days. there are the days that I stumble and sink under for just a little bit. (fruity cheerios may keep them entertained, but are not HEALTHY for breakfast.)

some other news is also keeping me on the couch (or wishing, since chasing two 12 month olds doesnt really allow time for naps.) but we cannot discuss that until later this month. its a good thing, just have to make sure that everything is in order first :)

waiting for my pizza to get here...yum.

and if i've said it once, i've said it a million times, i have the BEST friends out here that a girl can ask for. the BEST. i dont care what anyone says...these girls are just awesome.

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