30 April 2010

At the MilSpouse Blog Hop!

I'm Meeshie, a stay at home mommy to two adorable 11 month twin boys Big-W and J-Man(They'll be a year old May 22!!) I'm Bubble's wife,  he's a Submariner in the Navy. We are stationed at Joint Base Pearl Harbor/Hickam and we love everything about living here in Hawaii, but miss our family on the mainland... We're gearing up for deployment season, which will be our last for the next couple years since Bubble is going to shore duty in November. I love music, and scrapbooking...it's a lot of fun :)

29 April 2010


This post is about poop. More specifically what Big-W does with his poop. If you dont wanna know, then go check out another blog...there are gonna be pictures at the end, so if that isnt your cup o tea, then head on elsewhere :) I figure most of the people that read this are moms, so we're all pretty schooled in the category of poop!

I got up this morning...and to my surprise, found Big-W COVERED in poop. We're talking head to toe, diaper off and on the floor covered in poop. So was the sheet, and the crib. And it REEKED in there. J-Man thought it was hilarious and was giggling like crazy...(so glad he didnt do it too!)

Threw Big-W in the tub, where I lost it on the poor kid bc he was standing and not sitting like a good boy so i could depoop him...I immediately felt horrible bc he threw the puppy face on and then started wailing like I hurt his feelings. OY.  Took me an hour to get all the poop off his crib, which was just in time for NAP time, where they currently are. Hopefully I dont walk into another poopy mess.

26 April 2010

Moving On...

I'm writing this while the boys are up, only because they are my inspiration for this post. (They are just too cute NOT to be inspirational!) 

Sometimes I wish I could revert back to babyhood...or even toddlerhood. It makes me laugh how Big W can imagine that his blocks box is a car and just push it around on the floor for hours (and make me cringe bc of the sound it makes on the tile) and I wonder whats going on in his head. Is he pretending he's driving a famous racecar? Or maybe he's got a truck? Who knows. He just keeps this look of determination on his face, and then will squeal with delight when he finally accomplishes whatever it is that his baby brain comes up with. 

J-Man is the same way, only he has a fascination with balls. He LOVES anything that rolls or that he can throw. (not that he doesnt throw just about everything, but you know what I mean) He gets frustrated when he drops them behind him, but then turns around and acts like he meant to do it or something. It seems so simple...maybe its not, and maybe they are just as stressed out as us big people, only they ignore it and move on with life, and dont care that life is hard they just smile and get on with it. Who knows.


24 April 2010

Everything Has a Beginning, Everything an End

Well blog o' sphere...some sad news here.

We lost the baby...not sure why or how, or even when...all I know is that it happened around a week or so ago, and my body has just now decided to let me know! I'm sad, but at the same time I guess its a blessing in disguise bc in reality we cannot afford to have another baby right now.

I dont wish this pain on anyone though. The physical pain I am in right now sucks. Bubble left yesterday, so he knows, but cant do anything for me. Thankfully I have some pretty awesome friends that are here for me...I thank God for them everyday, but especially during trying times.

21 April 2010

Hello? Unpacking Fairy?

I wish there was an unpacking fairy. I'm far too tired to take care of two 11 month olds and unpack a whole house...even with Bubble's help. Every time we empty a box it feels like it multiplies and there are a couple more that just appear. I dont think it will ever end!

The good news is, the kitchen and the boys' room are both about 95% done. Have some clothes to put away and some dishes to find still, but it feels good knowing that they are almost done. Our room is a mess, and so are the living room and the "office/dining room" we have a dining room table under all these boxes...at least I think we do.

OH! we also have seen two more mice...making total of 4 since we moved in. Housing suggests we get a cat. I'm really starting to dislike housing out here...but it is what it is.

19 April 2010

Welcome Home (again)

We've done it. As we speak, Bubble is over at the old house finishing the final walk through and handing over the keys to the old house. Thank goodness its over. Well...sort of. Now comes the undaunting task of unpacking the new house. With two babies...thats insane.

A lot has happened in the month I've been absent from my home here on the interwebs. a brief rundown:

- We are expecting baby number three in November! I must be insane...epic failure of birth control, number two.  Hoping for a girl...and its for sure just one baby growing in there!!

-Wont be able to make it home in October anymore due to said baby.

-Went to the 110th Enlisted Submarine Birthday Ball...and had a freaking good time.

thats really all...we are gearing up for deployment season...I dread it, but at the same time, look forward to it. Weird. I know.

Hope all is well in blogtopia...will be catching up on everything (some events I've followed via twitter/facebook) but I will still be slow at it (currently "borrowing" internet from an unsuspecting neighbor...shhh.)