19 March 2010

Packing, Always Packing

Oh, how I was spoiled by the Navy packing us from Connecticut to Hawaii...now we're doing a "DIY" move to our new house here on the island, and boy...even with 26 days to move, I dont think its all gonna get packed in enough time. But I'm looking at the upside!

We're going to be moving to Ford Island, which is behind a gate...with a guard and a gun! I'm pretty excited that I'll just feel safe again, that I dont mind the stress of moving so much.

My friend also has has some bad luck in the house department...someone was drunk driving on St. Patty's day and hit their house! There is a huge hole in the house and it shifted the bathroom itself about 2 inches into the house. Needless to say, they are moving as well...on housings dollar.

The craziness continues...promise more blogging will happen...might just be after April 15!! Our internet gets shut off at this house tomorrow - so will be trying to update from the good ole iPhone!

11 March 2010

Homecoming = Ball Rolling

Bubble got home yesterday, and promptly took care of a couple of big issues that have been happening here recently...we may be completing the fastest move I have ever done if everything goes the way it needs to. There has been a lot of drama with the neighbors, and our car was broken into and things stolen...I'm pretty sure there has been a home break-in attempt as well. Needless to say, I do not feel safe where we currently live. I believe that since the command is involved that we will be moving to a place where I feel safer...preferably behind a gate that you have to have a military ID to access us!

Its just a matter of sitting and waiting!

07 March 2010

So Close, but So Far...

I have the insatiable urge to get my house finished before Bubble gets back from this underway. Hahahahaha...yes, go ahead and laugh because there ain't no way in H that its gonna be accomplished. I just want Bubble to see that I work hard here too while he is away...I guess I'm afraid he will see a huge mess (bc lets face it, how clean and neat can a house with two 9 month olds really be?) and just think that I sat around and just blew off any kind of house keeping while he was gone. I know what will happen though...I'll get the house done and he'll get everything figured out with our neighbors and their harassment, ('nother story for another day) and then we'll move. Which I would be thrilled about, bc we'd be away from the Em Effers that we dont want to call our neighbors...we'll see. He's not gonna be happy that I'm gonna be all up his butt when he walks off that boat to get things done before he has to leave again...

Better get to work while the twins sleep! 

06 March 2010

Remember All The Things We Wanted...

Another day...another dollar? Only I dont really earn dollars...I earn smiles. And I love the mounds of smiles I get everyday! I wish that I could go back to school and do what I want to do...but I dont see that REALLY happening until much later in my life. And really, I'm okay with it, I enjoy staying at home with the boys while Bubble goes and does the military thing...if anything, the boys need that constant person in their life. I guess thats kinda how I've justified things...never thought I would be a stay at home mom. If you would have asked me 4 years ago when I was finishing my freshman year at Bellarmine and trying to figure out just what I wanted to do and settle into a routine of school. I'm not knocking it...being a stay at home mom rocks.

End rant...I guess thats what this is - sounds more like I'm complaining or something...

but now...i'm going out with my girls bc there is one husband here and he offered to watch the babies while they were all sleeping. YAAAY!