28 February 2010

No Swimming Needed!

The tsunami came and went, and we didnt see much of anything! It was cool to watch the water drain out of the bays and stuff - but nothing really ever came of it! I dont ever wanna go through that again. Probably the worst natural disaster I can think of other than an earthquake bc you know its coming, you just dont know how bad its gonna be. Would take a hurricane/tornado/snowstorm anyday...bc you know sorta whats gonna happen! Its like...whoa.

Luckily I have some pretty awesome friends out here that had spent the night and we all dealt with it together. Thank goodness for that - I'm not sure how I would have done otherwise...

Only a little bit of time before Bubble gets back...I cant wait. For whatever reason, this underway feels like its been FOREVER long. And this is a short one!

boys want some lunch - then I have to finish putting the house in order post tsunami!

27 February 2010

Can You Swim?

Tsunami warning for the state of Hawaii...grrreat.

ugh. got everything ready if we need to evacuate!

22 February 2010

And So It Begins...

Yes...I forsee the next  few weeks being blogless, or at least just little hellos to let everyone know I'm alive and kicking here on this island (well...the two of you that even READ this blog. why I still do it...more for me, and no one else?)

See, with Temporary Single Mom Syndrome you run short on time...and whatever time you DO have you use it for adult conversation with other people...or you clean your house. Its AMAZING the amount of stuff there is to do around here. I'm so used to sharing the responsibility with Bubble, that now, taking care of the house AND the kids...man. By the end of the night, all I wanna do is fall into bed, let alone clean my house. But I do it...bc I love my Bubble and everything that I have to do because he has to go away. *end rant*

Speaking of my babies...they are 9 months old. NINE.MONTHS.OLD...gah. 9 months ago today I ended my two days of labor with the cutest babies on the planet (maybe I'm biased...) and began a roller coaster of crazy events. I'm happy to say that everything is STILL looking good on the development department. J-Man has a bit of a lag, but thats to be expected being 7 weeks early AND being so sick a month after birth. (He had severe Group B Strep Meningitis) Big W is actually ahead of where he should be after being 7 weeks early. They amaze me more and more everyday with everything they learn...

now, if you will excuse me...I have to go run through my house and tidy up a bit so I can SLEEP.

(ps...I love my Hawaii Family. They are making my life much more bearable while Bubble (and their husbands) are away. Thank goodness for these people or I would be bald.)  

19 February 2010

Temporary Single Mom Syndrome

Ah yes...no more guessing games. The boat left. And while I know when it will return...I cannot say. It wont be long, but I've entered single mom mode. I feel like superwoman at first...I accomplish so much alone that I dont normally...like giving the boys a bath. At the same time. Without anyone drowning, standing up, or getting water everywhere. Love it.

Friends and I are going to be having a sleepover tonight...movies, playing with kiddos, and PIZZA. its gonna feel like high school all over again, and I love it...bc I hate being in my house alone at night!

I hear little people, and I'm sure the DISH guy is going to be here soon to install the satellite. ahhh...it never ends!

18 February 2010


Once the boat figures out what they are doing...then I'll be making a regular appearance. All I know is, I'm tired of saying "goodbye" day after day...only to say "oh hi..." every night!

16 February 2010

Never Know...

Ugh...so annoyed with the "yes, we're leaving...no, we cant leave yet...okay, we're leaving. Scratch that, we arent leaving now..." that Bubble's boat keeps doing. The poor guy has had his bag packed and on the boat for a while now! We are so used to it...just sucks bc never know when that goodbye is gonna come or if he's gonna get to tell the boys and what not. Just frustrating!

Went on a hike today...with a baby on my front, and a friend was nice enough to carry the other one too!!! We made it about halfway then decided to turn around. The boys had had enough, and so had we!

Nothing really going on - just trying to figure out if my husband is going or if they're staying! SO FRUSTRATING!

14 February 2010


I'm so lucky, this year I have THREE valentines! I knew that we were gonna have boys this time last year, but they are in the flesh now and are so cute! I went to get them up this morning and Big W was in his crib standing and dancing! J-Man just was laughing at him from his crib...those two are probably the best thing that has ever happened to me - they can brighten up your day with just a smile!!

Bubble is still here, so yay!! We get to celebrate together...not that we're doing anything. We're cleaning the house and then hanging out with some friends later on today. Bubble better get the TV in our room hung on the wall too! yeah!

10 February 2010

Cranky, Party of Two...

The boys are going through the worst stage ever...they are SO cranky and clingy. And they FIGHT all the time. I get a break when Bubble gets home bc they havent seen him all day so they follow him around and want his attention...its crazy. They've NEVER been like this before so I dunno if its the age, or what...

I've got every intention to write a real blog post, but I just got the boys down so I need to get everything I can done while they are sleeping! Hopefully when Bubble gets home he'll just take them so I can finish!!

05 February 2010

Lack of Motivation

Ugh. I hate how when Bubble is on duty my motivation level to do ANYTHING other than hangout with the kiddos slips below zero. I just lounged around with the boys yesterday, while I should have been getting the house picked up since we're having people over on Sunday for the super bowl...

..it scares me really. The boat is leaving for such and such a time, and I'm afraid that I wont want to do ANYTHING while they are gone. I dunno what it is, but I work better if there is someone here to distract me! So backwards. Oy. Even turning up the music didnt really help me yesterday - blech. And I know what Bubble is gonna say when he walks in the door this afternoon..."did you get anything done yesterday?"

and I will promptly tell him that I snuggled with two of the cutest, snottiest babies on the planet.

04 February 2010

bath tub babies

J-Man and Big W taking a bath, trying to clear out some of the sinus issues they've been having. Seemed to work for a while...

and in other news...Bubble has talked to the detailer. It LOOKs like we're staying out here. He'll go to the school he wants to go to, hopefully have leave for E^2's wedding in October, and then will head to shore duty at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. We shall see, we shall see.


Ashley over at Raising Brats just gave me my first award EVER and I am so thrilled about it! :) Thank you so much!

Its the Honest Scrap Award
"The Honest Scrap award comes with a caveat or two. First, you have to tell your readers ten things about you they may not know, but that are true. Second, you have to tag 10 people with the award. Third, let all the people you've given the award to know that they've gotten it (comment on their blogs or something). And finally, make sure you link back to the person who awarded you."

Ok, ten things y'all may not know about me...
1. I love Pineapple on my pizza!!

2. I love taking pictures of random people, but I'm afraid they'll think I'm stalking/being weird. 

3. I'm a Kelly Clarkson fanatic (some people already know this :)) and I've seen her 12 times in concert in the last three years...
4. I want to join the military...just dont know what branch or when. (have till im 34 to go in with my commission!)

5. I am jealous of people who had a real wedding...I got married on a pier in a tshirt and jeans. I feel like I got jipped out on something.

6. Bubble and I keep journals when the boat is away, and then trade when they pull in so we can see what the other person has done while we're apart. 

7. I miss being pregnant, but am in no hurry to get back there! 

8. I would love to take a cooking class, and know what I'm talking about when I actually DO try and cook.

9. I dont like being alone - I get very scared on duty days and while the boat is gone bc I'm afraid someone, or something is going to get me! 
10. I love to move...something about starting over makes it that much more fun. (Plus, if I didnt make it fun, our move across the ocean would have SUCKED)

and...since I only have like two followers, I'll get back to you on the whole "nominating" people

03 February 2010

Home Theater?

We just used our tax return...on a 60 inch TV and a sectional couch...we're living the kooshy life now, folks. Bubble hates our current couch bc of the lack of longness. (he's 6'6" so...) This couch comes with an ottoman too! And takes up the rest of our living room...but I am not complaining...I can take a comfy nap on it now! When we get it delivered and what not, I'll let you see! Our kiddie corral takes up half the living room, and now this couch is going to fill the rest. We need a bigger house. HA!

I have a feeling this TV will be the demise of ever getting anything done. Its HD, and 60". What man isnt going to just sit on the new couch, feet up, and marvel in all that is manly with 60" of...well...Television. OY. Then again, I might be guilty of that as well...eep.

now, on to waiting for the Bubble to get home, then while he's putting up the TV and watching babies (yes, i'm asking him to multi-task!) I'm gonna run to Tripler with a friend and then to Babies R' Us for bumpers and soothing vapor baby bath to place Big W in...hopefully THAT will help him out. Poor kid, cant really breathe  and coughs like he's a smoker. 

02 February 2010

Friends of Naval Fire Department

We've gotten to be REAL good friends with the Naval Fire Department out here....Jason, for whatever reason, keeps getting his legs stuck in the slats in his crib. Not sure how to keep that from happening! Bumpers are out, he winds up getting his leg underneath the bumper and stuck still - so anyone out there in cyberland have any pointers? The fire department doesnt MIND coming to get him out, but they are starting to know us by name...

not to mention Jason has bruises all up his upper leg from getting it stuck all the time!!

01 February 2010

Sunny Hawaii Cant Keep The "Cold" Away

Well we are not safe from the evil cold virus monster here in Hawaii. We all have it...other than J-man, and I'm sure his turn is coming.

I got it first, then bc since I'm home with the twins the most...Big W came down with it. Poor kid. He sounds like he is going to cough up his lung every time he starts coughing. I wish there was more we could do for him...we've started to use the humidifier in their room - I know its just a matter of time before J-Man gets it. Those two swap more drool than any two kids I know. It's a moot point to try and clean the toys too - they both just slobber and swap them anyway.

Bubble has it too - I TOLD HIM! He doesn't listen. I was purposely avoiding any bodily contact with him...he didnt like that so kissed me anyway. And now...he's sick too!! Lucky for me, he's not like most men, he wont complain...too much.

our massive Jenga tower we had going on at game night. YIKES. 34 levels. holy geebus. I look quite nervous its going to come crashing down.

...and there it went.

I have a few things to say about the Grammys...but that is another day, another post. Now I'm gonna go cuddle up to sickly Bubble (well...a wall of pillows NEXT to Bubble) and watch Dexter...thats my guilty pleasure show :)