09 June 2010

slacker party of one

that would be me. I just havent had TIME to sit and post a well thought out blog. or at least a blog that makes sense. my life has been a crazy jumble ever since bubble left. I've been busy taking care of the boys and just trying to keep my head above the water...it works most days. there are the days that I stumble and sink under for just a little bit. (fruity cheerios may keep them entertained, but are not HEALTHY for breakfast.)

some other news is also keeping me on the couch (or wishing, since chasing two 12 month olds doesnt really allow time for naps.) but we cannot discuss that until later this month. its a good thing, just have to make sure that everything is in order first :)

waiting for my pizza to get here...yum.

and if i've said it once, i've said it a million times, i have the BEST friends out here that a girl can ask for. the BEST. i dont care what anyone says...these girls are just awesome.

22 May 2010

Happy Birthday Little Dudes

Happy Birthday to Big W and J-Man...

They turn ONE today!!

20 May 2010

Here We Go Again...

No longer gearing up for deployment season...its upon us. The boys are realizing it's here and they are NONE too happy about it. A couple days from now everything will hopefully be settled down and we'll be back into the routine of things while we're in deployment mode. We'll get it all down pat and then Bubble will come home!

I'm lucky to have some pretty amazing friends out here...I can honestly say that some of them are like my family. We do everything together and the next couple months will prove that. I'm glad that I have the rocks out here that I so desperately need sometimes, even though I like to think I'm fiercely independent, I know deep down I'm more of a people dependent person - it helps time go by MUCH faster if you are with someone almost everyday.

I'm thankful for all my bloggies too - keeping up with your lives reminds me that I'm not the only military spouse out there going through this same stuff - and while I may not comment all the time (having two 1 year olds takes a lot of work!) I do read everyday, so dont think that you're out there alone :)

right now...I need to take my little behind up to bed and sleep. 

17 May 2010

Busy Busy

It's been a crazy week around here...thus no blog post. Sorry.

Um...still gearing up for deployment, both Bubble and I have been sick...no sign the twins have it YET. Plus another announcement that will come at a later date ;)

Had the boys birthday party yesterday since Bubble is going to be gone for their actual birthday...it was a BLAST! Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was our theme :)

Was too cute - the boys loved eating their cake, or rather, wearing the cake. I do think they ate some too! They looked like they ate smurfs by the time it was all said and done though!!

07 May 2010

Military Spouse Appreciation

They say that the hardest thing in the military is to be the military spouse...even my husband says it. Some days I believe it, some days I dont. (depends on what story Bubble just finished telling me..:D) Most days I believe it. We are EVERYTHING while they are gone - from the Mom, to the Dad, from the plumber, to the exterminator. Everything that has to be done, has to be done by us...with little to no complaints. Personally, I dont mind it - sometimes it gets stressful (I hate killing spiders or disposing of the mice that we trap) but I do it bc I love my husband and what he has decided to do for our country and all that mushy stuff. I'm so proud of him, and what he does that it makes it worth it...and I know that on the other end of the deployment, or underway, or even work day...I will see his face and that is enough to keep me going.

So to all you other MilSpouses that read this (and I know I have a few) thank you for being you...and thank you for being the "other" half of your sailor, solider, airman, marine, or coastie. 

And since its Military Appreciation MONTH, I also appreciate the families of our service members too!

05 May 2010


Ah, what is it about silly musical shows that get me? I guess its just the fact its a no brainer show, and I dont really have to think, plus the music doesnt hurt :) Its one of those shows that I relate to I guess...I can imerse myself completely in the show and just not think about everything else either.  It actually motivates me to get stuff done around here. Which I am GOING to get the house completely unpacked before the boys turn one...that gives me 17 days.

Been a couple crazy couple days...had a surprise visit from the Bubble yesterday - that was nice! Only for a couple hours, but at least he got to come home for the night. Its a catch 22, I love seeing him, but it makes it that much harder to say goodbye again. *sigh* Thankful for my friends out here, bc they help a lot with keeping me busy and my mind off of EVERYTHING else. We've been going to the pool and stuff, which is nice...but my skin and eyes would love it if we stayed in while the VOG is around. Vocanic Fog...BLECH.

Expect the next couple posts to be like this...kinda all over the place...and I'm okay with that.

01 May 2010

Love/Hate Relationships

I have a love/hate relationship with the beach...I love being outside and on the water and just listening to every sound the ocean makes...but the sand gets EVERYWHERE. I cleaned sand out of baby buttcracks, fat folds, hair, mouths, you name it, I got sand out of it today...but we all had fun, so its worth it!

Went and saw some pretty cool sea turtles today - so THAT was awesome sauce. Those things are freaking huge. My goodness. Watched a few come in and sun bathe too. Looks like such a struggle to get up on the beach, I feel bad for em - so big and low to the ground and all that. Man. They really are beautiful creatures though...I have pictures!!

This post is kinda sloppy, but I'm in the process of desanding the house and myself - and I would forget all this stuff if I didnt post now!!

OHHH! Got to talk to Bubble today while they were hanging out, love that he can randomly text and stuff while they have some down time. Makes time go faster...not that we have too much time left...then comes the big deployment!