28 January 2010

Not Too Fast...

It seems my body is telling me to slow down. I was putting Big W down for bed two nights ago and I felt something in my back pop and was in the worst pain imaginable. We're talking worse than my back labor with the twins. I've NEVER felt anything like that before in my life. We decide I should go to Tripler and get checked out...thank goodness for friends who came to sit at the house while the boys slept...fast forward about 4 hours...and I've been told I sprained my back. WHO DOES THAT?! They gave me some awesome IV drugs to help relax my muscles...and sent me home. Again, thank you to the Atkins' for sitting at our house until 2am! I'm doing much better now, still hurts, but not NEARLY as bad. Luckily its an Army hospital we went to, so they ordered Bubble to be on quarters for two days. Today is the first day he's gone back to work since I sprained my back, and it hurts to pick up the boys, but its got to be done. I'm not running to them every time they cry, but I still feel bad I'm not giving them the attention they want. 

Speaking of Big W...he can pull himself up on stuff now. Bubble went in to get them up from a nap, and lo and behold: 

There was Big W standing in all his glory. He now tries to pull up on everything he can... J-Man is trying to follow suit, but cant figure out how his brother does it!

Big W pulling up on Bubble, J-Man trying to figure out how to use daddy as a jungle gym too! I love my little family - this picture of Bubble with the boys really shows how much he loves being home with them, and how much our world revolves around these two little dudes...and I wouldnt have it any other way.

25 January 2010


This will be my first post of many in regards to the Olympics. I LOVE the Olympic games. It's one time that the whole world comes together to compete...in peace. If that makes ANY sense. in 17 days are the opening ceremonies...and I cannot wait. I've got everything mapped out to watch, DVR, and skip over. I'm thrilled about watching it - comes at a good time too - right after football season!

i got the boys team usa onesies from the TeamUsa.com store...but once the official olympic store comes out with baby items I'll buy em something else too...along with something for me. I have something from every Olympic games...even though I've never been. I'm going between these three items:

I dunno which of those I will actually get, but we'll see. Lemme know what you think if you want! Random post, but I'm sick...and so tired of laying around while Bubble takes care of the twins. So I decided to post. I should never be allowed to post while under the influence of cold medication!

23 January 2010

Babble Babble

Oh, the sweet sound of baby talk. The twins are upstairs in their respective cribs, talking themselves to sleep. Or maybe talking each other OUT of sleep...who knows. I dont mind it, as long as they SLEEP. They've been so inconsistent on naps lately that I'm just not sure what to think...I think they might be figuring out that they can fight mommy on naps, but little do they know that I will always win. Because I'm Mommy.

Duty day again. You know, during the week I dont really mind duty days. It's just like a REALLY long work day. But when they fall on the weekend (and that happens at least two weekends in a month) it just stinks. I dunno what it is, but its like it messes up the rhythm of life. I suppose its because I expect him to be home on days that start with S...who knows. Tomorrow when Bubble gets home we're finishing this house once and for all, and he will either take orders from me, or be on kid duty while the little guys are up. His choice!

                 Big W


Speaking of the little guys...they are 8 MONTHS old. Whoa. SLOW down please. The pictures above are from when I got a wild bee up my butt and took baby oil and spiked their hair and made them look CUTE. haha - Big W has this cowlick that only a mother could love so spiking his hair now occurs more often than not when we go out. We call him our mad scientist because of his hair. It's so funny. J-Man just has the best behaved hair, which is not at all like his personality ;)

Ah...that noise I hear, is silence. Means the little dudes fell asleep - now for mommy's lunch!!

16 January 2010


I'm listening to my boyfriend (ahem, Kris Allen...Bubble made fun of me for watching Idol last season and loving every note that came out of this mans mouth, thus calling him my "boyfriend". sad.) But the babies are in bed (thank you to my loving husband, while i went to get groceries, he manned the spoons and fed BOTH of them and put them to bed while I was gone) and we're about to eat dinner, and just enjoy the end of what was a crazy day.

The boat's awards ceremony was today, and the CO wanted to be as informal as possible...so we went to a beach club and cooked out. While we ate, they did awards. I want to be the first to say that this crew is awesome...they made history as the first submarine crew of a Virginia class sub to go under the arctic ice. That is awesome! So to everyone that got awards today, you guys all deserve them...no doubt.

Bubble got his second NAM (Navy Achievement Medal) for the stuff he did in the quick turnaround they had to do in order to get out here to their families. I'm so proud of him. He works his little tooshie off for the boat and the Navy, and I was gonna be REAL angry if he didnt get recognized today. But he did, and we've got to get the star for his ribbon and blah blah.

Dinner is ready, chicken lasagna. YUMM

13 January 2010


I ask you - to pray for the people of Haiti. They are living through Hell right now, and need all the prayers they can get. If you are not a praying person, please send positive thoughts to those people.

If you can assist in anyway - donating items, time packing items, money - ask your local Red Cross how you can help...these people need help from everyone around the world. Dont just think that since everyone else is helping, you dont need to. They need all of our help!!

12 January 2010

Too Early

The one thing I will never really enjoy about having babies is the amount of sleep I dont always get. I've always been adaptable for the varying amount of sleep that I would get in college and whatnot. But anymore, shoot. We've had a couple of bad nights here at the Bubblehead household. Not wanting to go to bed, but dont want to play either. Just want to sit on the living room floor and scream. I swear, our neighbors are gonna have people come out and check up on them bc they scream so loud. So I take them up to bed anyway...and I let them scream. 30 minutes later I go in to try and calm them down, and they stop. I give them both a pat, and then leave. WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! It was 11 before they finally called it quits and fell asleep. Only to wake up at...6am! It's going to be a long, but fun day! When Bubble gets home he can take care of the crabs so I can get some other stuff done!

Two certain little boys do not want anything to do with actual food, sleeping of any kind, and not sharing. (out of the three, that last one isnt really fair. they're only 7 months. they dont know.) So that means bottles, bottles, and the occasional sippy cup. If I try to give them food - they either: a) dont open their mouths at all; b) eat the food, but sneakily hide it in their cheeks and then drool it out when they get another bite; or c) b, only they forcefully spit out the food they've stored like little fire hoses. I've cleaned oatmeal, rice, smashed peas, bananas and plus some off the chair and floor in the living room. Sigh.

The good news is that once Bubble gets home, he can deal with it...I give up. I dont know what the answer to the riddle is! They like him better than me most days anyway...probably bc they dont have to see his face all day everyday!!!

its time for breakfast!! food...or maybe just a bottle.

11 January 2010

Orange Jello

For some reason, I've been on a Jello kick. You would think after two days in May (that brought us our beautiful baby boys) where Jello was all I was allowed to eat, that I wouldnt want to see or taste Jello for a very long time. But alas, orange Jello is what I'm snacking on today - tomorrow - and probably the next day too.

It's a duty day, and I am trying everything in my power to keep myself entertained in order to keep putting off doing the housework that needs to be done...not that it's a lot of necessary stuff. I firmly believe in me time while the twins are sleeping or actually entertaining themselves and NOT fighting. (who knew at 7 months there would be actual fights...) Both happen pretty rarely, so when I have a moment of peace during the day, the last thing I want to do is stress over everything else. Plus, I work better at night - so after the little dudes head to bed then I'll finish up the must-dos...sounds like a plan to me. Bubble doesnt always think so...but if there are dishes in the sink, they will wait till after dinner to go in the dishwasher!!!

Ah, I hear the sweet babbling of happy babies talking to each other across their room, so until next time...

10 January 2010


So it's been a bit longer then I had planned to get back to the blog, but I'm here! 

We arrived at NAVSTA Pearl Harbor 4 Dec 2009. Cant believe we've been here over a month. Bubble has been here almost two, I'm still getting used to being here and 6000 miles away from everything I've ever known. Bubble went on an underway not more than a week after we got here - nothing like throwing me into the fire. But that's Navy life. Went from having all this help (my mom was still here too!) to NO one all in one day. The boat conveniently left the day my mom went back to the mainland. Oh well. We survived in one piece, no worse for wear. Well, I think I may have less hair, but that's expected with twins right? 

Then came standown. Those in the Navy know that this IS the holiday season for us. Only working on duty days  if not on leave...we had a glorious week with Bubble being on leave. He got to be here for the twins first Christmas, which was a big deal for him. We skyped with my parents on Christmas Eve while the boys opened their presents. Skype is huge. It's been my life saver for keeping in touch with those people I miss dearly on the mainland. If you dont have it, or have it and dont have a webcam...get it. (back to our regular scheduled programming...)

Christmas...wasnt really Christmasy. I dont know if it was because I'm so used to it being 2 degrees out and a foot of snow on the ground and the 80 degree sunshine just threw it off, or if it was being away from family...or a combo of both. We celebrated on the beach with some friends off of Bubble's boat. Then went to said friends house for dinner...our family away from family. That's very important when you're away from everything you've ever known!! 

I'll catch up on New Years a little later...not that I have ANYONE reading this yet. But its nice to pretend :) For now, I'm gonna finish customizing my little part of cyberspace.