20 November 2009

Here We Go...

I'm going to try this blogging thing in a bigger spectrum. Don't know if people will read it, but...I figure if I'm going to be married to the military I need some kind of outlet for what is swimming around in my head all the time.

My husband is a submariner. Bubblehead, if you will. (thus the name of the blog...) We're in the process of moving to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (hardship right?) from Groton, Connecticut. I'm not really missing Connecticut at all...just the people that live there! Currently we're staying with my parents - but in two weeks we're out on our own again. We have twin boys, we'll call them... W and J. They're 6 months old, and little pistols. I love watching them grow up, although I would love time to slow down. I cannot BELIEVE they are half a year old already.

Hopefully, I will have some readers - if not thats okay to. I'll just hang out all by myself in my little corner of cyberland. I am also gonna be working on the layout until I find something I like!!!

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