10 January 2010


So it's been a bit longer then I had planned to get back to the blog, but I'm here! 

We arrived at NAVSTA Pearl Harbor 4 Dec 2009. Cant believe we've been here over a month. Bubble has been here almost two, I'm still getting used to being here and 6000 miles away from everything I've ever known. Bubble went on an underway not more than a week after we got here - nothing like throwing me into the fire. But that's Navy life. Went from having all this help (my mom was still here too!) to NO one all in one day. The boat conveniently left the day my mom went back to the mainland. Oh well. We survived in one piece, no worse for wear. Well, I think I may have less hair, but that's expected with twins right? 

Then came standown. Those in the Navy know that this IS the holiday season for us. Only working on duty days  if not on leave...we had a glorious week with Bubble being on leave. He got to be here for the twins first Christmas, which was a big deal for him. We skyped with my parents on Christmas Eve while the boys opened their presents. Skype is huge. It's been my life saver for keeping in touch with those people I miss dearly on the mainland. If you dont have it, or have it and dont have a webcam...get it. (back to our regular scheduled programming...)

Christmas...wasnt really Christmasy. I dont know if it was because I'm so used to it being 2 degrees out and a foot of snow on the ground and the 80 degree sunshine just threw it off, or if it was being away from family...or a combo of both. We celebrated on the beach with some friends off of Bubble's boat. Then went to said friends house for dinner...our family away from family. That's very important when you're away from everything you've ever known!! 

I'll catch up on New Years a little later...not that I have ANYONE reading this yet. But its nice to pretend :) For now, I'm gonna finish customizing my little part of cyberspace.

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