07 March 2010

So Close, but So Far...

I have the insatiable urge to get my house finished before Bubble gets back from this underway. Hahahahaha...yes, go ahead and laugh because there ain't no way in H that its gonna be accomplished. I just want Bubble to see that I work hard here too while he is away...I guess I'm afraid he will see a huge mess (bc lets face it, how clean and neat can a house with two 9 month olds really be?) and just think that I sat around and just blew off any kind of house keeping while he was gone. I know what will happen though...I'll get the house done and he'll get everything figured out with our neighbors and their harassment, ('nother story for another day) and then we'll move. Which I would be thrilled about, bc we'd be away from the Em Effers that we dont want to call our neighbors...we'll see. He's not gonna be happy that I'm gonna be all up his butt when he walks off that boat to get things done before he has to leave again...

Better get to work while the twins sleep! 


  1. Take a deep breath and give Bubble a chance to adjust to being home before you get all up his butt. Give him a chance to enjoy being with you and the boys again. Aunt Vickie suggested that you go to legal together and discuss exactly what you need for a POA and she says you do need a POA. She suggested him making an appt. so he can get time off work to do it if he is short on time to do it before the day is over. Try to approach it all as something you can do together instead of something he has to do. Just a suggestion.

  2. Girl, just relax. Do what you can, but don't kill yourself!