05 May 2010


Ah, what is it about silly musical shows that get me? I guess its just the fact its a no brainer show, and I dont really have to think, plus the music doesnt hurt :) Its one of those shows that I relate to I guess...I can imerse myself completely in the show and just not think about everything else either.  It actually motivates me to get stuff done around here. Which I am GOING to get the house completely unpacked before the boys turn one...that gives me 17 days.

Been a couple crazy couple days...had a surprise visit from the Bubble yesterday - that was nice! Only for a couple hours, but at least he got to come home for the night. Its a catch 22, I love seeing him, but it makes it that much harder to say goodbye again. *sigh* Thankful for my friends out here, bc they help a lot with keeping me busy and my mind off of EVERYTHING else. We've been going to the pool and stuff, which is nice...but my skin and eyes would love it if we stayed in while the VOG is around. Vocanic Fog...BLECH.

Expect the next couple posts to be like this...kinda all over the place...and I'm okay with that.


  1. I didn't understand what was up with Glee and EVERYONE liking it until I gave it a try a few weeks ago. It is really addictive, if only from my music loving side. But you are right, it is a total no brainer show, just watch without needing to think.

    Sorry about the VOG, doesn't sound fun at all. Probably not much more fun than the dust storms we get here in El Paso.

  2. LOVE Glee and LOVE that you got a visit!