01 May 2010

Love/Hate Relationships

I have a love/hate relationship with the beach...I love being outside and on the water and just listening to every sound the ocean makes...but the sand gets EVERYWHERE. I cleaned sand out of baby buttcracks, fat folds, hair, mouths, you name it, I got sand out of it today...but we all had fun, so its worth it!

Went and saw some pretty cool sea turtles today - so THAT was awesome sauce. Those things are freaking huge. My goodness. Watched a few come in and sun bathe too. Looks like such a struggle to get up on the beach, I feel bad for em - so big and low to the ground and all that. Man. They really are beautiful creatures though...I have pictures!!

This post is kinda sloppy, but I'm in the process of desanding the house and myself - and I would forget all this stuff if I didnt post now!!

OHHH! Got to talk to Bubble today while they were hanging out, love that he can randomly text and stuff while they have some down time. Makes time go faster...not that we have too much time left...then comes the big deployment!

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  1. visiting from the blog hop! look forward to following your blog.