21 April 2010

Hello? Unpacking Fairy?

I wish there was an unpacking fairy. I'm far too tired to take care of two 11 month olds and unpack a whole house...even with Bubble's help. Every time we empty a box it feels like it multiplies and there are a couple more that just appear. I dont think it will ever end!

The good news is, the kitchen and the boys' room are both about 95% done. Have some clothes to put away and some dishes to find still, but it feels good knowing that they are almost done. Our room is a mess, and so are the living room and the "office/dining room" we have a dining room table under all these boxes...at least I think we do.

OH! we also have seen two more mice...making total of 4 since we moved in. Housing suggests we get a cat. I'm really starting to dislike housing out here...but it is what it is.

1 comment:

  1. That was their suggestion? WTH!

    Glad its coming along. I remember when we moved in January, it was awful. It does seem to multiply huh?