19 April 2010

Welcome Home (again)

We've done it. As we speak, Bubble is over at the old house finishing the final walk through and handing over the keys to the old house. Thank goodness its over. Well...sort of. Now comes the undaunting task of unpacking the new house. With two babies...thats insane.

A lot has happened in the month I've been absent from my home here on the interwebs. a brief rundown:

- We are expecting baby number three in November! I must be insane...epic failure of birth control, number two.  Hoping for a girl...and its for sure just one baby growing in there!!

-Wont be able to make it home in October anymore due to said baby.

-Went to the 110th Enlisted Submarine Birthday Ball...and had a freaking good time.

thats really all...we are gearing up for deployment season...I dread it, but at the same time, look forward to it. Weird. I know.

Hope all is well in blogtopia...will be catching up on everything (some events I've followed via twitter/facebook) but I will still be slow at it (currently "borrowing" internet from an unsuspecting neighbor...shhh.)

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  1. Everyone in Blogland is preggers! Wth! Congrats to you!! :)