29 April 2010


This post is about poop. More specifically what Big-W does with his poop. If you dont wanna know, then go check out another blog...there are gonna be pictures at the end, so if that isnt your cup o tea, then head on elsewhere :) I figure most of the people that read this are moms, so we're all pretty schooled in the category of poop!

I got up this morning...and to my surprise, found Big-W COVERED in poop. We're talking head to toe, diaper off and on the floor covered in poop. So was the sheet, and the crib. And it REEKED in there. J-Man thought it was hilarious and was giggling like crazy...(so glad he didnt do it too!)

Threw Big-W in the tub, where I lost it on the poor kid bc he was standing and not sitting like a good boy so i could depoop him...I immediately felt horrible bc he threw the puppy face on and then started wailing like I hurt his feelings. OY.  Took me an hour to get all the poop off his crib, which was just in time for NAP time, where they currently are. Hopefully I dont walk into another poopy mess.

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