26 April 2010

Moving On...

I'm writing this while the boys are up, only because they are my inspiration for this post. (They are just too cute NOT to be inspirational!) 

Sometimes I wish I could revert back to babyhood...or even toddlerhood. It makes me laugh how Big W can imagine that his blocks box is a car and just push it around on the floor for hours (and make me cringe bc of the sound it makes on the tile) and I wonder whats going on in his head. Is he pretending he's driving a famous racecar? Or maybe he's got a truck? Who knows. He just keeps this look of determination on his face, and then will squeal with delight when he finally accomplishes whatever it is that his baby brain comes up with. 

J-Man is the same way, only he has a fascination with balls. He LOVES anything that rolls or that he can throw. (not that he doesnt throw just about everything, but you know what I mean) He gets frustrated when he drops them behind him, but then turns around and acts like he meant to do it or something. It seems so simple...maybe its not, and maybe they are just as stressed out as us big people, only they ignore it and move on with life, and dont care that life is hard they just smile and get on with it. Who knows.



  1. Ok I know you didn't mean it that way but when you said he loves balls, it made me lol. :)

  2. me too! That was beautiful Michelle! You really should write a book! Love you, Mom