28 January 2010

Not Too Fast...

It seems my body is telling me to slow down. I was putting Big W down for bed two nights ago and I felt something in my back pop and was in the worst pain imaginable. We're talking worse than my back labor with the twins. I've NEVER felt anything like that before in my life. We decide I should go to Tripler and get checked out...thank goodness for friends who came to sit at the house while the boys slept...fast forward about 4 hours...and I've been told I sprained my back. WHO DOES THAT?! They gave me some awesome IV drugs to help relax my muscles...and sent me home. Again, thank you to the Atkins' for sitting at our house until 2am! I'm doing much better now, still hurts, but not NEARLY as bad. Luckily its an Army hospital we went to, so they ordered Bubble to be on quarters for two days. Today is the first day he's gone back to work since I sprained my back, and it hurts to pick up the boys, but its got to be done. I'm not running to them every time they cry, but I still feel bad I'm not giving them the attention they want. 

Speaking of Big W...he can pull himself up on stuff now. Bubble went in to get them up from a nap, and lo and behold: 

There was Big W standing in all his glory. He now tries to pull up on everything he can... J-Man is trying to follow suit, but cant figure out how his brother does it!

Big W pulling up on Bubble, J-Man trying to figure out how to use daddy as a jungle gym too! I love my little family - this picture of Bubble with the boys really shows how much he loves being home with them, and how much our world revolves around these two little dudes...and I wouldnt have it any other way.

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  1. Haha how cute! So sorry to hear about your back. Hope you get back 100% soon!