12 January 2010

Too Early

The one thing I will never really enjoy about having babies is the amount of sleep I dont always get. I've always been adaptable for the varying amount of sleep that I would get in college and whatnot. But anymore, shoot. We've had a couple of bad nights here at the Bubblehead household. Not wanting to go to bed, but dont want to play either. Just want to sit on the living room floor and scream. I swear, our neighbors are gonna have people come out and check up on them bc they scream so loud. So I take them up to bed anyway...and I let them scream. 30 minutes later I go in to try and calm them down, and they stop. I give them both a pat, and then leave. WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! It was 11 before they finally called it quits and fell asleep. Only to wake up at...6am! It's going to be a long, but fun day! When Bubble gets home he can take care of the crabs so I can get some other stuff done!

Two certain little boys do not want anything to do with actual food, sleeping of any kind, and not sharing. (out of the three, that last one isnt really fair. they're only 7 months. they dont know.) So that means bottles, bottles, and the occasional sippy cup. If I try to give them food - they either: a) dont open their mouths at all; b) eat the food, but sneakily hide it in their cheeks and then drool it out when they get another bite; or c) b, only they forcefully spit out the food they've stored like little fire hoses. I've cleaned oatmeal, rice, smashed peas, bananas and plus some off the chair and floor in the living room. Sigh.

The good news is that once Bubble gets home, he can deal with it...I give up. I dont know what the answer to the riddle is! They like him better than me most days anyway...probably bc they dont have to see his face all day everyday!!!

its time for breakfast!! food...or maybe just a bottle.

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