23 January 2010

Babble Babble

Oh, the sweet sound of baby talk. The twins are upstairs in their respective cribs, talking themselves to sleep. Or maybe talking each other OUT of sleep...who knows. I dont mind it, as long as they SLEEP. They've been so inconsistent on naps lately that I'm just not sure what to think...I think they might be figuring out that they can fight mommy on naps, but little do they know that I will always win. Because I'm Mommy.

Duty day again. You know, during the week I dont really mind duty days. It's just like a REALLY long work day. But when they fall on the weekend (and that happens at least two weekends in a month) it just stinks. I dunno what it is, but its like it messes up the rhythm of life. I suppose its because I expect him to be home on days that start with S...who knows. Tomorrow when Bubble gets home we're finishing this house once and for all, and he will either take orders from me, or be on kid duty while the little guys are up. His choice!

                 Big W


Speaking of the little guys...they are 8 MONTHS old. Whoa. SLOW down please. The pictures above are from when I got a wild bee up my butt and took baby oil and spiked their hair and made them look CUTE. haha - Big W has this cowlick that only a mother could love so spiking his hair now occurs more often than not when we go out. We call him our mad scientist because of his hair. It's so funny. J-Man just has the best behaved hair, which is not at all like his personality ;)

Ah...that noise I hear, is silence. Means the little dudes fell asleep - now for mommy's lunch!!

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  1. Look at those beautiful blues!