16 January 2010


I'm listening to my boyfriend (ahem, Kris Allen...Bubble made fun of me for watching Idol last season and loving every note that came out of this mans mouth, thus calling him my "boyfriend". sad.) But the babies are in bed (thank you to my loving husband, while i went to get groceries, he manned the spoons and fed BOTH of them and put them to bed while I was gone) and we're about to eat dinner, and just enjoy the end of what was a crazy day.

The boat's awards ceremony was today, and the CO wanted to be as informal as possible...so we went to a beach club and cooked out. While we ate, they did awards. I want to be the first to say that this crew is awesome...they made history as the first submarine crew of a Virginia class sub to go under the arctic ice. That is awesome! So to everyone that got awards today, you guys all deserve them...no doubt.

Bubble got his second NAM (Navy Achievement Medal) for the stuff he did in the quick turnaround they had to do in order to get out here to their families. I'm so proud of him. He works his little tooshie off for the boat and the Navy, and I was gonna be REAL angry if he didnt get recognized today. But he did, and we've got to get the star for his ribbon and blah blah.

Dinner is ready, chicken lasagna. YUMM

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