01 February 2010

Sunny Hawaii Cant Keep The "Cold" Away

Well we are not safe from the evil cold virus monster here in Hawaii. We all have it...other than J-man, and I'm sure his turn is coming.

I got it first, then bc since I'm home with the twins the most...Big W came down with it. Poor kid. He sounds like he is going to cough up his lung every time he starts coughing. I wish there was more we could do for him...we've started to use the humidifier in their room - I know its just a matter of time before J-Man gets it. Those two swap more drool than any two kids I know. It's a moot point to try and clean the toys too - they both just slobber and swap them anyway.

Bubble has it too - I TOLD HIM! He doesn't listen. I was purposely avoiding any bodily contact with him...he didnt like that so kissed me anyway. And now...he's sick too!! Lucky for me, he's not like most men, he wont complain...too much.

our massive Jenga tower we had going on at game night. YIKES. 34 levels. holy geebus. I look quite nervous its going to come crashing down.

...and there it went.

I have a few things to say about the Grammys...but that is another day, another post. Now I'm gonna go cuddle up to sickly Bubble (well...a wall of pillows NEXT to Bubble) and watch Dexter...thats my guilty pleasure show :)

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