05 February 2010

Lack of Motivation

Ugh. I hate how when Bubble is on duty my motivation level to do ANYTHING other than hangout with the kiddos slips below zero. I just lounged around with the boys yesterday, while I should have been getting the house picked up since we're having people over on Sunday for the super bowl...

..it scares me really. The boat is leaving for such and such a time, and I'm afraid that I wont want to do ANYTHING while they are gone. I dunno what it is, but I work better if there is someone here to distract me! So backwards. Oy. Even turning up the music didnt really help me yesterday - blech. And I know what Bubble is gonna say when he walks in the door this afternoon..."did you get anything done yesterday?"

and I will promptly tell him that I snuggled with two of the cutest, snottiest babies on the planet.

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