22 February 2010

And So It Begins...

Yes...I forsee the next  few weeks being blogless, or at least just little hellos to let everyone know I'm alive and kicking here on this island (well...the two of you that even READ this blog. why I still do it...more for me, and no one else?)

See, with Temporary Single Mom Syndrome you run short on time...and whatever time you DO have you use it for adult conversation with other people...or you clean your house. Its AMAZING the amount of stuff there is to do around here. I'm so used to sharing the responsibility with Bubble, that now, taking care of the house AND the kids...man. By the end of the night, all I wanna do is fall into bed, let alone clean my house. But I do it...bc I love my Bubble and everything that I have to do because he has to go away. *end rant*

Speaking of my babies...they are 9 months old. NINE.MONTHS.OLD...gah. 9 months ago today I ended my two days of labor with the cutest babies on the planet (maybe I'm biased...) and began a roller coaster of crazy events. I'm happy to say that everything is STILL looking good on the development department. J-Man has a bit of a lag, but thats to be expected being 7 weeks early AND being so sick a month after birth. (He had severe Group B Strep Meningitis) Big W is actually ahead of where he should be after being 7 weeks early. They amaze me more and more everyday with everything they learn...

now, if you will excuse me...I have to go run through my house and tidy up a bit so I can SLEEP.

(ps...I love my Hawaii Family. They are making my life much more bearable while Bubble (and their husbands) are away. Thank goodness for these people or I would be bald.)  

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  1. For the longest time, back before that nifty Followers Button, I couldn't tell if anyone was actually reading my blog because I would never have any comments. But I kept at it. I didn't care if no one was reading it because it was a journal for me, an outlet. And at that time, I NEEDED an outlet. It turned out that a bunch of people from high school were reading it, and then that Followers Button came out, and then I started gaining followers, and comments. Some days, I feel like if I'm not getting comments, no one is reading. But I know someone, somewhere is. And I'm that someone for you. :)

    I hope you can relax at some point in the next few weeks. I know how crazy it is when they're gone and you have an infant.

    9 months! Wow! So big :)