28 February 2010

No Swimming Needed!

The tsunami came and went, and we didnt see much of anything! It was cool to watch the water drain out of the bays and stuff - but nothing really ever came of it! I dont ever wanna go through that again. Probably the worst natural disaster I can think of other than an earthquake bc you know its coming, you just dont know how bad its gonna be. Would take a hurricane/tornado/snowstorm anyday...bc you know sorta whats gonna happen! Its like...whoa.

Luckily I have some pretty awesome friends out here that had spent the night and we all dealt with it together. Thank goodness for that - I'm not sure how I would have done otherwise...

Only a little bit of time before Bubble gets back...I cant wait. For whatever reason, this underway feels like its been FOREVER long. And this is a short one!

boys want some lunch - then I have to finish putting the house in order post tsunami!

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