03 February 2010

Home Theater?

We just used our tax return...on a 60 inch TV and a sectional couch...we're living the kooshy life now, folks. Bubble hates our current couch bc of the lack of longness. (he's 6'6" so...) This couch comes with an ottoman too! And takes up the rest of our living room...but I am not complaining...I can take a comfy nap on it now! When we get it delivered and what not, I'll let you see! Our kiddie corral takes up half the living room, and now this couch is going to fill the rest. We need a bigger house. HA!

I have a feeling this TV will be the demise of ever getting anything done. Its HD, and 60". What man isnt going to just sit on the new couch, feet up, and marvel in all that is manly with 60" of...well...Television. OY. Then again, I might be guilty of that as well...eep.

now, on to waiting for the Bubble to get home, then while he's putting up the TV and watching babies (yes, i'm asking him to multi-task!) I'm gonna run to Tripler with a friend and then to Babies R' Us for bumpers and soothing vapor baby bath to place Big W in...hopefully THAT will help him out. Poor kid, cant really breathe  and coughs like he's a smoker. 

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