16 February 2010

Never Know...

Ugh...so annoyed with the "yes, we're leaving...no, we cant leave yet...okay, we're leaving. Scratch that, we arent leaving now..." that Bubble's boat keeps doing. The poor guy has had his bag packed and on the boat for a while now! We are so used to it...just sucks bc never know when that goodbye is gonna come or if he's gonna get to tell the boys and what not. Just frustrating!

Went on a hike today...with a baby on my front, and a friend was nice enough to carry the other one too!!! We made it about halfway then decided to turn around. The boys had had enough, and so had we!

Nothing really going on - just trying to figure out if my husband is going or if they're staying! SO FRUSTRATING!

1 comment:

  1. Bet you got a good work out!!